Sonny Fitzsimonds

Director of Product Management

    Sonny is a top product manager with 13+ years experience and a background in interactive media, advertising and design. He has worked with a variety of noted properties to create robust and sophisticated digital communications and applications.

    Working, learning, and growing with a global team of super talented people that have a wide variety of skills across the digital product spectrum and beyond.

    Before joining the interactive community, Sonny spent 8 years in the fine art industry working with the world’s top artists, museums and collectors while at some of the most notable institutions such as PaceWildenstein and Matthew Marks Gallery.

    He's your barber, bartender, counselor and consigliere - there to listen and offer guidance.

    • Animal Counterparts

      Bears are my spirit animals

    • Hidden Talent

      Road trip karaoke king!

    • Home Sweet Home

      Brooklyn - Fuhgeddaboudit